The Ringbow team invents and creates the perfect style for you!

The idea for Ringbow was conceived by Giovanna Passadore and Marta Marino, two Genoese architects and designers, together with Cesare Origlia, an expert gemmologist. 

Ringbow was born as a heart-shaped multi-coloured ring, which in time changed into the multiple shapes, colours and materials now sold in our stores.

The name elegantly combines the two words “ring” and “rainbow”. With this play on words, we hint at how the ring can be painted with nail polish in all the colours of the rainbow, to then match it to your style, mood or even manicure.



Born in 1969, architect, interior designer.

Living in Genoa, she continues to search for new brilliant projects. She loves to experiment and create novel combinations with decorative materials. She alternates this passion with her love for horses, which she shares with her twin daughters.


Born in 1977, architect and graphic designer.

Born in Genoa she now lives in Southampton (UK) with her family. She loves to travel and visit different places to gain inspiration from varying cultures. Her favourite destination, however, always remains Genoa, the historical landmark where she fell in love with the sights and flavours of the sea.


Born in 1964, expert gemmologist.

Genoese, he represents the third generation of his family’s company, which works in the jewellery industry since the 1950s. He loves sport, and in his free time plays tennis, golf and trains in mountain running.