Ringbow special

For companies, cultural associations and sports groups, on the occasion of events, for your corporate or promotional gifts gadgets, Ringbow can be customized with your logo and your associative color. Our decorations and nail polish can be declined to represent your brand or a special initiative.

Thanks to the versatility of Ringbow products, you can customize the rings and bracelets with custom decorations, colorful and handcrafted, that bear the brand of a company, or a significant symbol, or a small picture to emphasize the belonging to a group or a sector of activity. We decorated the Olympic rings for the team of Setterosa finalist Rio2016, reported logos of private companies and spas, events and crests symbols.

The customization is studied together with the customer and evaluated case by case according to the best yield. To request it, please send the logo or image you want to our mail info@ringbow.it , the Ringbow team will be happy to check the feasibility.

Ringbow is 100% Made in Italy, an original idea by Italian design, hand-made and with quality products. Furthermore, it has the peculiarity that those who receive it will still re-customize it freely, removing the enamel and coloring it again depending on your taste.