Ringbow gift

Ringbow offers for your gift the new gift box with silver decoration, 4 different nail polish and various combinations of colored rings in the new glitter colors or with special gift decorations.

GLAMfor3 & GLAMfor 1

You can choose the GLAM ring that most prefer. It is 925, adjustable, heart-shaped, butterfly, or rhombus. We decorated hearts in shades of red and fuchsia, butterfly with green, while the rhombus stands for the elegance of the blue.

You can choose all three, or only one. All combinations have our new glitter nail polish. With Ringbow your gift … sparkle!


Our Ringbow POP – the line with the stem rubber – are elegantly decorated with a gift bow. Choose the red heart gift for a passionate thought, or the blue diamond gift for a stylish gift!

The ring shank is adjustable black rubber. The POPgift are accompanied by four enamels with beautiful shades of burgundy, cobalt blue, silver and bronze.


Tiffany, blue, lilac and orange here is the vibrant color of proposed youngest gift box that contains our three SLIM rings. They are 925 silver, thinner than GLAM, adjustable and matched well together!

The package contains a heart, a diamond and a matching butterfly decorated SLIM united and accompanied by four charming enamels.

The designs proposed in our collections are glazed with removable products. The glazing is made by hand and can be renewed at any time with your nail polish according to your ideas!

After our first decoration, you’ll be enjoying a recolor your Ringbow!

Just a nail polish brush to customize it according to your taste, depending on your mood or a special occasion or simply to follow the trend of the moment.