100% customizable

Ringbow, is the first accessory that you can decorate with nail polish and re-adorn simply by removing the first layer with nail polish remover.


Ringbow is 100% made in Italy, land of style, creativity and design. Wear the uniqueness of Italian talent.

Was born a creative, versatile and infinitely reusable, elegant and lively at the same time: an ideal mix of jewelery and nail art. Creativity, brain and production process 100% Made in Italy.

Ringbow rings are all designed in our architecture and design studios. GLAM was the first ring to be conceived, with it’s unique heart shape, in pure 925 silver, and easily adjustable. Colouring your own heart-shaped rings symbolises the start of a relationship for us. New in the GLAM line, diamond and butterfly shaped rings were created to suit stricter or more romantic personalities.

The product line now also includes the SLIM rings, also in pure 925 silver, but slimmer, adjustable and designed to be stacked together or with the POP collection, another line of accessories with silver-plated brass and rubber charms.

The Ringbow designs are then sent to our laboratory where prototypes are designed. Once approved, our models are sent to our producer in Tuscany. Here the accessories are produced with the traditional technique of “microfusion” which is then followed by electroplating and polishing. The product is finally completed by undergoing specific instructions protected by our patent. The polishing is hand-done. In addition every single ringbow is made to be resistant against nail polish and it’s remover, so that the accessory does not corrode with time.

Ringbow rings and bracelets are initially suggested in the neutral version – you choose your desired colour every day, originally painted in a solid hue – it is then extremely simple to remove the hue with nail polish remover, allowing you to colour the charms again.

Alternatively the decorated version is also proposed. These decorations are derived from a passionate study of the fascinating world of nail art. As jewellery designers, we have applied this research to create something outstandingly fashionable.

Ultimately through our dedication, a creative, versatile and re-usable product was born. Elegant yet vibrant, Ringbow is the perfect blend of jewellery and nail art.

The Ringbow kit is e registered trademark at the trademark and patents office in shapes and texts. All rights reserved.