Pop Rings

The POP product line is for people who love vibrant colours! The POP rings and POP bracelet straps are available in a wide variety of hues, which can then be adorned with charms in contrasting or harmonising colours!

A profound study has been dedicated to the colour of the rubber: darker tones such as black, olive green, grey, plum purple, and leather to highlight the bright colours of the nail polish. Alternatively vibrant fuchsia, tallow, blue, red, green, lilac and white rubber bands allow you to express your energy in whichever way you prefer!

The charms are available in three shapes: heart, diamond or butterfly. Each is composed of a brass base and silver surface which is polished with a specific technique following our patent.

You can easily paint it yourself with nail polish or buy it already coloured according to our collection.

All Ringbow products are easily adjustable.


How could we create our animal collection without including human’s best friend? In addition to the dog and cat, the horse is also included – an animal highly loved by the Ringbow team.


A four-leafed clover, an owl and a horseshoe: the epitomes of good luck have been combined with three colourful POP rings to form a vibrant design!


Usually a tattoo is permanent, yet with the POP tattoo collection, you can have as many as you want! We offer three classic ones: the crown, the Hamsa, and the infinity sign flying atop the butterfly.

The decorations proposed in our product lines are painted with removable nail polish. The paint is artfully hand-applied but can be easily replaced with any nail polish of your choice.

After our initial creation, you’ll be the one to redesign your Ringbow!.

A simple hand of nail polish is all you need to personalise your Ringbow and match it your likes, mood, special occasion or trend.

Natural rubber available colours